Hi! Im Sarah Neal of Catalina Neal! Im a former florist, turned product stylist. I believe it has been a perfect pairing of experience.

Ive always loved every small detail in all of the designs I create so this career was the perfect space for me. Capturing and highlighting the beauty in your product is my passion and creative outlet.

Social media has taken small business and turned it into something we all can attain and have great success in! The trick is knowing how to use your platform to attract customers and quality content Ive found is KEY!

We believe that stop-you-in-your-tracks gorgeous imagery is ESSENTIAL to every business success, so let us take the pressure off of you! We will use our branding and marketing expertise to create custom works of art to sell your products faster.


Lets get started!

Photography by Entincelle Studio
Photography by Entincelle Studio

Photography by Entincelle Studio