Skylar Product Photography

Im not sure why Ive been putting off writing this blog…

It might be because Ive always thought that I was much better at communicating through images rather than with words. But Im trying! So here it goes!

For this first entry I wanted to showcase a project I did with a brand that I absolutely love. SKYLAR

I approached this brand to do a collaboration. I will receive their product periodically in exchange for photos to build up my portfolio. Because Ive recently made this HUGE career switch from a florist to product stylist and content creator, Ive been trying to work as hard as I can to create as many images as possible. While I provide content for a few brands monthly, I want to keep expanding my reach and portfolio as much as I can and a brand like Skylar is perfect for the exposure that Im trying to get at this stage in my business. Right now I need A LOT of content to post! Ive been trying to post at least once a day and that takes a lot of work to make that happen, trust me…Ive been hustling and working as much as I can.

In exchange for product photos and a post on my instagram they have agreed to send me a scent each month for their new Scent Club. Basically, you subscribe and receive a new seasonal scent each month, which I thought was pretty cool!

I was honestly honored to be included in the group influencers that they selected!

For this brand I wanted to design around the colors on their gorgeous packaging. Florals were a must for sure, so they were front and center for this design. I chose this bright yellow as the background color to make their packaging pop and I chose all yellow florals as well for a nice tone on tone effect in these images.

Here’s the selection of images that I sent them for their first scent!